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Certified Manager (CM®)


 Get your management competency and professionalism recognized worldwide by successfully completing the certification of CM and continue raising the bar of your professional development. Many industries prefer CM certification for their employees to get a reliable indicator of managerial competence and leadership potential.


What is CM?

  • A prestigious credential program for present and future managers at all levels in all industries
  • Approved and accredited by The Institute of Certified Professional Managers(ICPM)
  • Developed to build a global community in which managers, supervisors, and leaders can grow professionally through education, knowledge sharing, and collaboration


What benefits will CM offer you?

  • Give the recognition, credibility and career advancement to you and the organization you work for
  • Raise competency & professionalism in the field of management
  • Provide you the leadership potential in the field of general management


What will you learn?

  • Foundational concepts of management including its role, skills and functions
  • Introduction to entrepreneurship, organizational culture, communications, management information systems and economics
  • Learning of planning and organization including their missions, goals, strategy and management
  • Styles and skills of leading and controlling
  • Self-empowerment, time management, stress management, quality management, budgeting and managing risk


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